Build It Once. Build It Right.

We are passionate about building web and mobile applications.

We provide powerful customized enterprise applications for industries ranging from insurance defense, fraud investigation, healthcare, biotechnology, and non-profit organizations.

We believe in offering a technically-savvy collaborative process.

We strive to build systems that inspire confidence and exceed expectations.

Every time.

Our Expertise

Enterprise Web & Mobile Data Workflow Applications

Seamlessly extend the strength of your business into fully integrated unified systems.

Customized UI/UX & Data Visualization Solutions

Insure that your product’s value is clearly communicated to your customers.

Science-Driven Digital Marketing Implementation and Strategy

Engage with customers, colleagues, and partners with one integrated online strategy.

Technologies we work with include:






The following organizations have benefited directly from our expertise:

AB Sciex
Adobe Systems
Agilent Technologies
ArtLinks Staffing
Bank of America
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Charles Schwab
Citrix Systems
Columbia University
Eksigent Technologies
Houghton Mifflin
Life Technologies
Monsoon Commerce
Molecular Sensing
Probe Information Services
Web Prospects
Wells Fargo


“I have used Webenomic’s services for many years now on a multitude of different projects, from enterprise level to small business. They have always provided innovative solutions and has consistently high standards. From architecture to implementation their services always exceed my expectations. No matter what type of technological constraints we are working under, they take on the project and make it work.”

–Todd Rosenthal, Director of Product Design at Citrix Systems

“Webenomic designed and implemented the web-enabled application that we use to run our entire company, including tracking our employees’ time, invoicing our clients, and processing accounts receivable. We have been online since January 2006 and have yet to have a failure that taken us offline. They run a professional organization and does what he says he is going to do. This is very comforting when your company depends on his product to survive.”

–Ross Stewart, President, Probe Information Services

“Ben Silverman at Webenomic has developed several websites for my clients over the past several years. He is an extraordinary web engineer with a superb sense of site architecture and design. He also adds the unexpected value of being a very strong writer and communicator. Webenomic has developed complex websites that include advanced search, interactive forums, and sophisticated back-end databases for a multi-dimensional web experience. I highly recommend Ben and Webenomic as a full-service web vendor.”

–Bridget Fenker, Founder, MOD-LS and Director of Marketing Communications at Eksigent Technologies

“Webenomic has been a highly valuable contributor to the launching and success of our business. Their professionalism, quality, and response has made it possible for us to build out our internet storefront and conduct commerce in an extremely burden-free and cost-efficient manner. I highly recommend their services to any organization seeking a creative and dedicated resource for internet commerce.”

–Scot R. Weinberger, CEO, Molecular Sensing

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